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Vintage Tiny House Kitchen on Ebay

Kim one of our readers noticed today that there’s a great kitchen unit on Ebay that would fit perfectly in a tiny house– it’s made by Dwyer, a US company who’s been building tiny kitchen equipment for decades. They’re mighty expensive new, but old ones occasionally show up on Ebay for a song. Kim bought […]

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Unique Bathroom Furnishings

I want to thank Justin from for pointing me to a couple of space saving bathroom fixtures. This is very modern furniture that would be used in a small house or tiny living area. The first is the hideaway sink which pulls out of the wall only when needed. Give guests more space to move […]

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Micro Fridge

When downsizing you need smaller appliance and MicroFridge has come up with an interesting combination refrigerator/freezer and microwave. Featuring a 2-door refrigerator/freezer and a .6 cu. ft., 600 watt microwave oven with touchpad controls. Finger print – free stainless steel on refrigerator/freezer doors and on face of microwave. Sides and top of cabinets are black. ENERGY […]

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