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Peter’s Concrete Block Dome

Peter Roberts has been building a unique dome structure in the woods and is sharing it with us. I discovered Peter when he posted a picture on the Tiny House Blog’s Facebook page. Peter’s inspiration came from throwing giant pots. Peter was throwing large pots, and they became architectural, it prompted him to investigate ceramic […]

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Free Spirit Spheres

What do Ewoks and Julie “Butterfly” Hill have in common? They have discovered the ethereal magic of living up in a tree. Tom Chudleigh of Vancouver Island, Canada has discovered the same magic with his Free Spirit Spheres, handcrafted tree houses that bob among the trees like giant apples. Chudleigh calls his design a bio-mimicry. […]

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Eco-Pod Home

Energy efficient Eco-pod Home Rene just sent this to me and I really think it is cool, what do you think? An ‘eco-pod’ home, which promises to be more energy efficient than standard houses, has been shown at this year’s Grand Designs show at London’s ExCel Centre. Eco Hab is committed to dramatically reduce our carbon […]

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