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Wishbone Tiny Homes

The Asheville, NC based Wishbone Tiny Homes has not only been making waves with their exquisite craftsmanship and interesting architectural details, but the Wishbone team have a three step process set up to walk new owners through and into their ideal home. It all starts with a dream and defining exactly what the tiny house […]

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SoulSurvivorX2 Tiny Cabin

Have you ever considered having an off-grid tiny house ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? Mike and Cindy of SoulSurvivorX2 are currently fixing up their own 12×26 foot home on wheels to have as a secure and secret hideaway from the walking dead and other nefarious people. While the SoulSurvivorX2 couple seem to be initially known […]

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ArkPak Power Pack Review

arkpak and accessories

by Kent Griswold I recently received an ArkPak to test and review. The ArkPak is a power pack which can be used for a small back up generator or is great for camping, etc. off the grid. A lot of power packs you see these days come sealed so you can’t change the battery when […]

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