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Tiny Yellow House – Episode 4

Roly West’s Cabin In Maine Here’s another brand new video for “Tiny Yellow House”- well, kinda, as this is another one that was shot spur-of-the-moment, on a flip-camera, which we had bought on impulse, 3 hours prior to this shoot! Deek says: “We need small sponsors for these videos (the ones that we shoot on […]

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Green Building Jobs

Nathan Brown from Dancing Rabbit contacted me the other day to let me know that they are looking for people interested in green building jobs. If you have green construction experience and are interested in doing work that supports an ecologically-focused community and are willing to relocated for a long term commitment, this may be […]

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Free Shed in Northern California

Jenine who has built her own tiny house regularly scours Craigslist and found this Free Shed in Lake County in Northern California. I thought I would put it out in case anyone in the area would like to put it to use as a tiny house. I have another post coming out later this morning […]

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