Blog- Part 812
January 25, 2008


Pre-fab Architecture in a box! House. Cabin. Office. Addition. Rooftops. Developments. weeHouses are sturdy enough to withstand the extremes of desert or tundra, and they may be placed anywhere that is accessible by truck. Each weeHouse comes ready made: just add water (and a couple of other things). Base models include: windows and patio doors, […]

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January 22, 2008


I like the unusual which you may have noticed by some of the tiny houses represented in the tiny house blog. I also would like to spread our wings and include tiny houses from around the world. The DomeSpace originates in France but also has an office in the U.S. This is there smallest dome […]

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January 21, 2008

Tiny Texas Houses

Bigger is not always better, says Texas home builder By John Moritz Luling — To Brad Kittel‘s way of thinking, everything should be tinier in Texas.Well, maybe some things. Kittel builds and sells a line of undersized houses that can serve as anything from a backyard hideaway to an intimate bed-and-breakfast cottage to an artist’s […]

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January 18, 2008

Timber Frame Cottage

24’x24′ Hennin Post & Beam Cottage Plans by Shelter Institute. Perfect for a vacation cottage or for the full timer living the small house and less is more life style. If your considering a super-insulated timberframe that reflects your lifestyle and goals. Shelter Institute is an ideal place to start planning for a new timber […]

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