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Nicola Cabin

I think that some of the best cabin kits are coming from the Wilderness Cabin Company and Greystokes International. The Wilderness Cabin Company sells cabin kits to customers in Canada and Greystokes International sells the same kits to customers in the U.S. A few years ago I started following the building process of Chris and […]

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October 10, 2008

Unique Bathroom Furnishings

I want to thank Justin from for pointing me to a couple of space saving bathroom fixtures. This is very modern furniture that would be used in a small house or tiny living area. The first is the hideaway sink which pulls out of the wall only when needed. Give guests more space to move […]

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Home Petite Home

The best way to slash your energy bills is to choose a compact, well-built home such as this sweet, neat and petite home in Franklin, Maine. Mother Earth News in the current issue (Oct-Nov) of their magazine did an article on Ben and Sarina Speed, who live in an 18 by 18, 640 square foot […]

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