Tiny Timber Frame Houses

timber frame structure

Timber frame construction was used by early settlers. It is recognized by its large timbers and intricate joints. The strong structural timbers support the roof without the need for support from the walls. To give lateral support and to help resist the wind, diagonal knee braces are used throughout.There are many different ways to complete […]

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Build Your Own Tiny Log Cabin (Part 3)

log walls

In this post we will discuss some tips for success and ways to finish your tiny log cabin. Steps to success: Draw your plans Build a scale model Make a materials list Do a cost analysis based on the materials list Redraw the plans to fit your budget Cut your logs when they are hardest […]

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Build Your Own Tiny Log Cabin (Part 2)

In this post we will discuss the tools needed to construct your log cabin also how to create a log catalog of all your logs, seasoning the logs and five basic principals of construction.   1. Tools you will Need Chain sawBlock and tackle (6″ triple block)Hand winch or come-along Alaska saw mill Hammer Sledge […]

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Build Your Own Tiny Log Cabin (Part 1)

log cabin

In the last post I introduced you to my favorite tiny log home builder. In this post I want to show you some options to think about to build your own tiny log home. This is part 1 of 3 posts on this subject. Below are some building associations to become familiar with. Log Building […]

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Montana Mobile Cabins

  My favorite type of construction has always been log. My perspectivee has changed somewhat and I am open to other ideas but my first choice is log. My first post will start with my favorite log company for tiny cabins Montana Mobile Cabins based in Whitehall, Montana. These are old fashioned hand hewn tiny […]

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