Blog - Part 3

Single Mom’s Permitted Expanding Tiny Home

Meet single mom Reggie who transitioned into an expanding tiny home to help create a smooth transition out of divorce for herself and her teenage daughter while becoming a homeowner. Importantly, she was able to secure a tiny house parking spot in the town they both lived their entire lives. Her home is legally permitted […]

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Paul’s Luxury Tiny House Getaway

Tiny house retreat

When it comes to very special places to retreat and getaway, it does not get any better than a tiny house nestled in the mountains, this peaceful retreat is ideal for those who dream of fleeing cities and returning to nature to enjoy a mountain getaway, enjoy a one-of-a-kind glamping experience with all the creature […]

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Norida Pods: Scandinavia Meets Florida

Even though Norida glamping pods and tiny houses are built in Florida, they look more like what you would find in Sweden or Norway. Founded by two Swedish-American families, the Norida Pods company offers smart, innovative and affordable tiny house solutions. The combination of Swedish design and U.S. construction blends together to make high quality […]

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