Blog - Part 2

The Esk’et Sqlelten Sculpted Tiny House

“I’ve watched just about every tiny house video on YouTube, and in my opinion, the Esk’et is currently the highest evolution of the craft. Of course the carving work is off the chart, but you’ve also made some very strategic design choices, e.g. dual lofts, corner fireplace, compact spiral stairwell, disappearing shelving, white finish with […]

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Turning A (tiny) House into A Home

If a house is a physical object, a home is more of a feeling. It’s a good feeling. Scratch that, it’s a great feeling. Depending on the person, it can be described as warm and cozy, or neat and orderly. For me, I hadn’t felt “at home” where I lived in a really long time. […]

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10 Tips Texas Can Take Away from Tiny Housers

After suffering from an unprecedented amount of snow, plummeting temperatures, and a complete power shutdown, you can bet that many people in Texas will be looking for ways to avoid what happened last week during the hard freeze. The Texas freeze made international headlines. The independent nature of the Lone Star State is defined in […]

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