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Maximize Your Tiny House Kitchen Storage

With a tiny house, every inch of counter space in your kitchen is important real estate. Learn how to maximize your tiny kitchen storage with these tips to help transform your kitchen into a simply serene and organized space. People who love the idea of tiny homes often have one stumbling block: the kitchen. How […]

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How Penny-Pinchers Can Save Big in Their Tiny Homes

Living in a tiny home may seem like it’s all about living with less — less space, less stuff, and less room for excess. However, there’s one area in which tiny home living is about living with more: Money. When you live in a tiny home, there is room for huge savings, allowing you to […]

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Working at Home From a Tiny House

People are often drawn to tiny houses by their charming, unique exteriors and undeniably minimalistic form. In under 400 square feet, details like a creative color palette, inviting front porch, and varied roofline captures the eye. However, tiny homes delight with both form and function. The performance of a tiny home interior is often just […]

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Park Models and Modular Homes by Pocket House

Contemporary styling and high quality details, materials and appliances go small in these smart-sized homes by Pocket House. Designed and built in Alberta, Canada, these homes start at 538 square feet and go up to about 1,100 square feet. Pocket House offers park models and modular homes starting at 538 square feet. Because of the […]

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