Blog - Part 2

Hale for the Ohana

Hale Ulu

Like other historical homes around the world, the homes of Hawai’i were traditionally very small. The hale (pronounced HAH-lay) were the structures built by 19th century Hawai’i islanders and were made of local wood and topped with bundles of pili grass to protect it from the rains. A traditional hale at the Limahuli Tropical Botanical … Read more

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Glamor of Tiny House Living

Tiny houses, van life, and bus life on social media are usually shown as glamorous. With posed photos in beautiful locations, these nomads show the best sides of traveling life. Is it really this way? In a frank, unfiltered, and honest disclosure Dorit Liss shares her experience with her converted skoolie. Living in the Pacific … Read more

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