Gerry Shaw’s Epu

Well, I’m finally getting this post up. I’ve wanted to for quite a while and somehow it got put aside. I had been in communication with Gerry Shaw while he was building his Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Epu, which is the same home that Jay Shafer lives in and wanted to tell you more of […]

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The Airy – Joel Tanner Design

Joel Tanner is an architectural technologist, living in Nelson, BC in Canada and he designs homes for a living. His true passion is small homes such as this one. Joel would love to transition into providing affordable design services to clients all over North America via the internet. This home called the Airy provides you […]

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The Spite House

A Tiny, Beloved Home That Was Built for Spite Fred emailed me this story from the New York Times written by Steve Baily. Below are short quotes from the article, to read the full article go to the New Your Times website. Photo above: Circa 1924. “Ford Coupe at ‘little house’ in Alexandria, Virginia.” National Photo. […]

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