Kai’s German WeeBee

Kai Schaede from Germany recently emailed and shared his Tumbleweed Tiny House Company WeeBee build story with me and I wanted to pass it on to you: Building the WeeBee is the way I took on the economical crisis in my own life. My name is Kai Schaede and last year I took a look […]

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The Yellow Teardrop Trailer

The idea of a teardrop trailer as a temporary home or a guest room for a tiny home owner, seemed to be a popular post the last time we wrote about it. The buzz around my life lately is about my new bright yellow teardrop trailer. The new tear is a Pleasant Valley Lil Traveler […]

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Nine Tiny Feet 3D Drawings

Michael Janzen of the Tiny House Design blog and Tiny Free House also is working on a concept design called Nine Tiny Feet. Recently, he has been playing with Google Sketchup to develop his idea further. Michael says: The design includes all the main elements that make up a house. Only the shell is represented […]

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