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Martin House-To-Go Update

I think this company has gone out of business as I have not been able to get in touch with Julie in quite some time. One of the most popular posts in this blog is the Martin House-To-Go post. Dan from Southern California has been talking with Martin House-To-Go about their houses and they have […]

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The Box Turtle

Tortoise Shell Homes and Bill Kastrinos just introduced their latest model called the Box Turtle. Also known as Model 1 on their website. The shed style roof has the unique capacity to be “cynched” together using two units to give a conventional looking roof line and 260 square feet. The finished home would be 8′ […]

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Getting Around Covenants?

One of our readers named Lyle has a question for those of you knowledgeable in covenants. Here it is: I keep running into this small problem in the town I’m living in. I look at a piece of land I like then find out that the covenants for the area require a min. sq footage of at […]

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