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Tiny Pallet House

Michael Janzen of Tiny Free House fame has started a new micro blog called the Tiny Pallet House. Michael says as hurricane Gustav plowed across Cuba headed for the gulf coast of the United States memories of Katrina and the potential displacement of thousands got him thinking. Michael wanted to do something helpful. It occurred […]

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Compact Beach Chalet

Thank you Bert one of our readers for bringing this neat little beach chalet to my attention. Based in London, designer Nina Tolstrup (studiomama), designed this small beach front house. At just 388 square feet, this compact structure includes a living and dining area, plus two bedrooms, also a bathroom and a kitchen. Heated with […]

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Fagor Portable Induction Burner

fagor induction burner

In my quest for small furnishings and appliances I came across the Fagor Portable Induction Burner. Based in Spain and founded in 1954, Fagor is renowned for its product quality, performance and innovation. The company is the fifth-largest appliance manufacturer in Europe and the number-one induction cooktop producer in the European market. Here are the […]

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