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Free Spirit Spheres

What do Ewoks and Julie “Butterfly” Hill have in common? They have discovered the ethereal magic of living up in a tree. Tom Chudleigh of Vancouver Island, Canada has discovered the same magic with his Free Spirit Spheres, handcrafted tree houses that bob among the trees like giant apples. Chudleigh calls his design a bio-mimicry. […]

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Taking “Downsizing” to a Whole New Level

Jay Shafer on CBS News The Small House Movement Believes Less is More, Especially in a Recession At only 120 square feet, two is company – and three is really a crowd. The house is too small to meet building code minimum standards. It’s a vehicle, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod. But it’s got […]

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Natural Bathhouses

Because of the lack of space in a tiny house, a separate bathhouse can be built nearby to hold a bathing area, hot tub or sauna. This is not only for necessity, but as a tranquil space for relaxation. On my search for tiny bathhouses I kept running into these examples built from natural materials […]

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