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The Tiny “Houses” of Black Rock City

For only a week out of each year, Black Rock City, the home of Burning Man, is the fourth largest city in the state of Nevada. While the festival participants’ camps are only temporary, a lot of work goes into creating a comfortable, beautiful tiny shelter. These tiny “houses” have to be able to withstand […]

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Living in a Vardo

I recently came across these photos belonging to Scott, who traded in his $1,400 mortgage for a hand-build vardo and a rental lot in a KOA campground. It took Scott about three years to build the vardo, but he wanted to give it a style like an old gypsy caravan. He calls himself a modern […]

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Tiny Green Cabins

Inspired by David Thoreau and energized by the opportunity to live a more sustainable and simple life, Jim Wilkins of St. Paul, Minnesota, has designed and built several tiny green cabins available for sale. Each of these cabins have been developed to be multi-purpose, eco-friendly, transportable and stylish. Tiny Green Cabins are earth friendly cabins […]

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