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Taking “Downsizing” to a Whole New Level

Jay Shafer on CBS News The Small House Movement Believes Less is More, Especially in a Recession At only 120 square feet, two is company – and three is really a crowd. The house is too small to meet building code minimum standards. It’s a vehicle, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod. But it’s got […]

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Natural Bathhouses

Because of the lack of space in a tiny house, a separate bathhouse can be built nearby to hold a bathing area, hot tub or sauna. This is not only for necessity, but as a tranquil space for relaxation. On my search for tiny bathhouses I kept running into these examples built from natural materials […]

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Tiny House for Sale in California

I don’t know that this house is still available. On the way back from a camping trip at Mammoth Lakes last weekend, my husband and I saw this tiny house for sale off Hwy 395 near Topaz Lake. I called the builder/owner to get some more information. Tracy Pope is a consultant in San Diego. […]

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