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What It’s Really Like To Work From Home

A year ago this month I was RIFfed from my long-standing corporate job. Oh, RIF? It means Reduction In Force. According to .gov layoffs are called reduction in force (RIF) actions. In other words, when an agency must abolish positions, the RIF regulations determine whether an employee keeps his or her present position, or whether […]

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Top 5 Books I Think Should Inspire Me

I am an avid reader…..of short blurbs. That’s right. It is a nasty confession but definitely one that needs to be voiced. When I was almost 4 years old I read my first sentence by myself. I learned through phonics so my reading foundation was strong. As I grew so did my reading habit. At […]

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A New Way Of Giving Tiny House Tours

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s your DJI Phantom 4. Your what? History lesson in! Drones, the monosyllabic catch-all for remote controlled unmanned aircraft, have become a striking symbol of modernity in the past decade. First as military scouts and assassins, then as delivery gimmicks […]

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