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Wendell Greenalgh’s Little Idaho House

While on vacation Royal saw this little house in St Anthony, Idaho and shared it with me. Wendell Greenalgh is the builder and owner. He said that a number of years back he had been part of a crew constructing a new home on a site in Colorado. There was already an existing home on […]

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Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is a very interesting winter scene. A tiny house buried beneath snow and trees. I’m not sure that this for real or some type of photoshop experiment but I like the results whichever way it is. The cabin looks very cozy with the light shinning through the window. […]

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Things to Think About

Di has been responding with a lot of comments on the Tiny House Blog and I thought she had some great ideas of things to think about when looking into downsizing or designing a tiny house. I asked Di to do a guest post and following are her suggestions and ideas. DIMENSION: Think of the […]

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