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Go House Go

Dee Williams brings us her latest work. A little ebook called Go House Go – How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels. Dee who has lived in her own tiny house now for several years and is co-owner and builder in her business Portland Alternative Dwellings brings us a little ebook that gives you […]

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Minimalist Apartment Living

Tammy Strobel is off on vacation this week and is taking a digital break as too. Tammy writes about minimalism and she also lives the life that she promotes. Tammy recently took these pictures of their small apartment in Portland to share with her readers and before she left on vacation gave me permission to […]

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Kevin’s Mini Homestead

Kevin a friend of mine on facebook has been designing and building a prototype of a micro homestead with a barn and garden area, solar powered, with saw dust toilet and propane heat and a micro kitchen area. Portable and able to knock down and setup in 30 minutes using off the shelf materials skill […]

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