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Smart Cabin Spacey To Be Offered Around the World

The self-contained, smart concept home is becoming more available to the masses, especially people who don’t mind moving around. The prefabricated Cabin Spacey is joining the location-independent group with the intention of building easily accessible cabins all around the world. These 370 square foot homes can be purchased and transported to underutilized and unused building […]

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Pros and Cons of a Tiny House Boat

The evolution of the tiny house just keeps getting better and better. Tiny houses evolved into tiny cabins, both were then available to be put on wheels — the evolution now culminating in the development of the tiny house boat. It is exactly what it sounds like: a tiny house that floats on water. It […]

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Loaves Fishes and Tiny Houses With Pastor Matt Huff

Our guest sometimes come by way of inspiration born on the road. This one is a great example. While driving on our local freeways over many weeks, Michelle noticed something strange happening at a large church along the freeway: Zombie RVs were being resurrected….kind of. That’s until the city got involved. The but intent behind […]

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