A Tiny House Love Affair

John and Fin Kernohan recently joined us on Tiny House Expedition Radio for a lively conversation on falling in love, living tiny and creating one crazy fun tiny house festival series.TinyX Radio_Logo

Fresh off the hugely successful Florida Tiny House Festival, John and Fin are more love in with tiny houses than ever. They just welcomed 60,000 attendees to St. Augustine, Florida, to celebrate the tiny living on an epic scale. This was perhaps the largest single gathering of tiny house and micro structures ever, 90 to be exact; a Guinness World Records record is in the works.


Florida Tiny House Festival, Image by John Kernohan


15134183_1530929803590061_1352006971_oJohn and Fin’s personal love story is a case of opposites attract. He’s a meat eater; she’s a vegetarian. Fin has a long history of living simply and John has more recently embraced this concept after a major health scare. Together they’ve found their own tiny slice of heaven in their 304 sqft cabin, on their small off-grid homestead in the woods of Georgia. After a few years of living tiny, they discovered the growing tiny house community. This inspired the first Georgia Tiny House Festival, and led to the creation of the United Tiny House Association.

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“After years of organizing not-for-profit outdoor concerts and festivals as fundraisers for students and college-bound homeschool students, as well as being a board member for an organization responsible for arguably the largest home-education convention in the country, John, along with Fin and United Tiny House Association board member Shorty Robbins, created the state-level Tiny House Festivals, including the now famous Georgia Tiny House Festival and the Florida Tiny House Festival; as well as the upcoming New Jersey and Tennessee Tiny House Festivals.”

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