Tiny House Directory and Newsletter

I am excited to announce two of my New Years resolutions for the Tiny House Blog that are ready to launch.

1. The Tiny House Directory which I have put together so everyone could have easy access to many of the great resources out on the internet. I have put together an easy to navigate report with links to every builder I have posted about here on the Tiny House Blog. I have also included links to other popular resources in the tiny house community, such as blogs, newsletters and green resources.

I am sure I have missed some businesses so I would appreciate if you would submit them to me and I will add them to a future version of the directory.

2. Tiny House Blog Newsletter, I am finally doing something I should have done when I started the blog almost three years ago. I am starting a newsletter that will be published on Wednesdays. The newsletter will include items that I am unable to publish on the blog for one reason or another. Such as links to news articles that you folks send me, also links to posts from other tiny house blogs that should be read. I also want to look back into the archives of the Tiny House Blog and point out good posts that get lost as the blog continues to grow, and I want to feature “Your Story” and do some book reviews.

So here is the deal, I will give you the Tiny House Directory as a gift if you will join the Tiny House Blog Newsletter. The sign up requires two steps:

  1. The initial submission of your email address and
  2. A confirmation email that you will receive in your email in box that you will need to send back to start the subscription and get the link to the Tiny House Directory.

So sign up below…

Join our Newsletter
and receive the
Tiny House Directory

17 thoughts on “Tiny House Directory and Newsletter”

  1. Well done Kent, and good on you for the phenomenal work the last three years… WOW, look what your timing did for all of us… thanks again for the stimulus and concept ideas…
    Zol Fox

  2. I’m still not seeing where to sign up for the newsletter and directory. I accidentally signed up for the blog instead. I didn’t need that because I follow the blog on rss.

    I’m using Firefox on a Mac. Would it be easier to find on a different browser?

    (Great blog. Thank you for doing this)

    • Thanks for the update, I put your advice in the post to make sure and turn off ad blocking. Hopefully not to many others will have that issue too.

  3. i am completely confused as to where to sign up for the “Tiny House Directory and Newsletter.”

    you say “So sign up below or in the sidebar to the right. Issue #1 comes out this Wednesday.” i can’t find a place either below or in the sidebar that clearly indicates where to sign up for the new newsletter. maybe a direct link to where to go next would be helpful.

  4. I love it- I’ve only barely checked it out but a suggestion: any way you could cross reference these by location? Or just list the states after the name? I’d like to know what (if any) resources might be in or near my area (Cape Cod)so I can meet other real live people who are into tiny houses, too! Keep up the good work- DLB

    • Great suggestion Deb, putting a State next to the company name may be the way to go. I’ll think about it more. I’ve got a couple of changes already so I will start working on version 2.

    • Hi Deek – I think I need to get your blog and book into the next revision. Glad you find it helpful and any more suggestions are welcome.

    • Hi Alex, I just discovered your site recently and like what you are doing. Maybe you would consider doing a guest post sometime and introduce us to your blog.

  5. I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your site. I can spend hours lost in all the information you have here. I love seeing how creative people get and the passion they put into their Tiny Home.
    I’m in the process of looking for land and that is much more difficult.
    That said, I was hoping to get the Tiny House Directory perhaps I missed my chance? Could you send it to me again. I seemed to have missed it completely. Thank you, gwen

    • I emailed your directory to you, not sure why you did not receive the other email with directions to get it but you should have it now. Thank you!

  6. Kent,
    I had offered to give some help with my fiance who is a graphic designer you never responded I wondered why? We spent several hours thinking up a lot of ideas and how to do stuff as far as writing the code and never heard from you.

    • Hi Laura, somehow I missed your email. I just sent you one and hope you will fill me in on your ideas. I am sorry for not responding the first time. -Kent


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