Canoe Bay ESCAPE Village Offers Tiny House Sites and Rentals

Since it began a few years ago, the ESCAPE company has introduced nearly a dozen high-quality tiny houses in various sizes. Now the company is making it easier to not only own one of their designs (with an actual site to place it on), but you can try out an ESCAPE tiny house while on vacation.

The Canoe Bay ESCAPE Village sells tiny homes and park models.

The Canoe Bay ESCAPE Village in northwest Wisconsin is the first large scale vacation tiny home village in the Midwest. The village is located on over 100 acres of forested land complete with two private lakes and wetlands. Strategically placed sites are set up to take advantage of the best views and many of the sites already have ESCAPE tiny homes on them. The other sites are open, accessible to utilities and available for anyone who wishes to purchase their own ESCAPE tiny house or park model.

Lakeside and forested sites are available for a monthly fee.

Available tiny homes at Canoe Bay start at around $90,000 and the monthly lot rates are between $450 to $600. While this might seem out of range for some buyers, the village encourages ESCAPE model owners to rent out their homes when they are not around. They estimate homeowners can make around $13,000 to $20,000 per year in rental revenue. Homeowners can also move their ESCAPE into a different site after a year of rental or move it out of the village all together.

All ESCAPE models are allowed in the village.

The village also features the ESCAPE’s Premiere park model. These models are a little larger than the ESCAPE tiny homes and feature both one and two bedroom models. The 10 foot screened in porches are a nice option with these models. The Premiere starts at around $97,000.

ESCAPE sells both tiny houses and the Premiere park models.

The ESCAPE tiny houses come in several sizes and configurations and start at just under $30,000. The popular models such as the Traveler and the ESCAPE One have been featured on several television programs and blogs. They start at around $65,000. If you are not ready to buy, nightly rentals at Canoe Bay ESCAPE Village start at $195 for the Traveler XL.

The Canoe Bay area is north of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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