Precious Price’s Backyard Tiny House and Rental Business

One of the best ways to see what it’s like to build and live in a tiny house is to see it directly from the owner’s point of view. One of the best views is coming from a 26-year-old entrepreneur in Atlanta.

Precious Price transformed a shed into a tiny house in the backyard of a home she owns in Atlanta, Georgia. She documents all the ups and downs of her tiny house journey on her YouTube channel and she was recently featured on the CNBC Make It channel.

The tiny house was originally a shed and Price hired contractors to finish out the interior.

At such a young age, Price already has two traditional homes, her tiny house, and an Airbnb rental business under her belt. However, it has not been without its issues. She honestly documents her problems with delivery and contractors as well as the rental industry in her area. 

Because of this, she has started LANDRIFT, an online learning platform for people who want to work in the development of tiny houses and ADUs in order to create more affordable housing in their areas.

Price’s videos go into the honest behind-the-scenes issues with converting a shed.

In the meantime, her little shed-turned-house is an inspiration in space-saving and affordable living. The 300 square foot house cost her about $35,000 to buy, place on its foundation, and build out. It features a tiny living and office space, a sleeping loft, large bathroom, and a kitchen with full-size appliances.

Even though this little space started out life as a shed, it has a ton of windows that let in fresh air and light. Other fun details include a barn door for the bathroom, bright colors, a mini-split unit for AC and heat, and induction cooktop. 

Atlanta is one of several cities in Georgia that do allow for tiny homes, but regulations throughout the state depend on each municipality. This article has a good rundown of tiny house regulations in Georgia.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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