ÖÖD House: Space-Age Meets Scandi Style

Fully bringing in nature while still creating optimal shelter was the impetus for the ÖÖD House.

The ÖÖD House has three mirrored walls.

ÖÖD House
Photos by ÖÖD House

Designed by Jaak and Andreas Tiik from Estonia, this unique tiny house nearly disappears into any landscape due to its mirrored walls. The Tiik brothers wanted to design a building that could withstand extreme climates yet still offer amazing views.

The interior features a clean Scandinavian style.

ÖÖD House

The ÖÖD House house has these views in spades with floor-to-ceiling windows on three of the steel-framed walls. The walls are mirrored to reflect the outside and maintain the interior temperature. The ÖÖD can be ordered as a house, office, or sauna.

The floor-to-ceiling walls let in light and all views.

The Signature home by ÖÖD starts at $124,900 and is 227 square feet. The home features in-floor heating, a kitchenette, an enclosed bathroom, a living space and bed, and all lighting fixtures. The homes can be placed in various locations and can be accompanied by the ÖÖD Mirror Sauna.

The ÖÖD Mirror Sauna is an optional addition.

ÖÖD House Sauna

In fact, the company is now offering its Signature and Mobile (with wheels) units as a short-term rental business as a partnership. If you have beautiful and secluded land and are looking to generate additional income, ÖÖD will deliver and install their units to your location. The homes and partnerships are available as three different franchise levels.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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