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Den Classic Tiny House Plans

This is a classic home with a modern vision. Den’s most popular tiny house design started the Den movement and influenced the distinctive style of our dwellings. This home honors the recognizable and pleasing gabled style of a cozy home while achieving sky-high ceilings opening into a lofted bonus room perfect for a queen-sized bed. […]

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The Element Tiny House Plans

My friend Dan Louche is has been designing and building houses for many years. One of his most affordable houses is The Element and I wanted to share it today. It is available as a house or you can get the plans and build it yourself. The Element incorporates a shed style roof which gives […]

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Leah Tiny House Plans

Leah is a single level shed style tiny house. With a one-room area of 140 square feet. It is set up as a studio but minus a bathroom. If you are creative with the floor plan a tiny bathroom could be worked into the plan. If you do the work yourself and depending on the […]

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