Yurt Life with Mollie and Sean Busby

Busby Yurt


Mollie Busby and her husband, Sean live in a yurt in Montana and when they tell people about it they get all kind of reactions.

Such reactions are questions like what is yurt? They have no clue what they are. Another reaction is disbelief as most people associate yurts with a summer camp, glamping or ski warming huts in the mountains.

Then there are those people who are very much aware of it and would like to do the same thing. They want to know how they can live this dream as well.

Mollie and Sean have a website that you can follow and learn more about how they made their own dream come true. Plus all the challenges and learning experiences along the way. Check out this video and get to know them a little.

Follow Sean and Mollie on Instagram at @SeanBusby and @TwoSticksAndABoard, or through their website: http://TwoSticksAndABoard.com. Questions about Yurt Life? Shoot them an email at twosticksandaboard@gmail.com.

Busby Yurt interior

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Phyllis - January 1, 2016 Reply


james - January 1, 2016 Reply

how much a yurt like that cost?

Matthew Tallon - January 2, 2016 Reply

Beautiful setup, but…

100W per day? A 4W fridge?

Rick - January 3, 2016 Reply

Loved the video, and the Yurt seems pretty well done. I do have to admit to getting a chuckle talking about using energy to keep food cool when there’s several inches of snow outside.

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