Tiny House in the Aspens

by Juana Gomez

Gently placed in a mature aspen grove among the columbines, a little mountain getaway provides year-round comfort for two families.

cabin columbines

Who knew when this little cabin was built, that Tiny House would become a Thing!

cabin porch

A couple of years later, a wrap-around deck of reclaimed wood doubled the living space.


the loft

A loft sleeps up to seven people

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    1. Laura

      The joists show. There are 18 of them. They are typically on 16 inch centres, so the roof line is 18 feet long. I think this makes the house about 17×10 according the scale of my eye. With the second floor and the bathroom addition I think this house will be just about exactly 400 square feet.
      I hope this helps.
      Tiny House Ontario

  1. Alison Shuman

    Oh, please, more photos. The exterior, the red – is fabulous. Would love to see the kitchen, the flooring, the other sleeping accommodations. This is THE summer for the tiny house boom. I can barely contain my excitement.


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