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Within Reach Movie

This film at its core is an epic quest. It’s a story of personal and planetary transformation. It’s an adventure, and there’s a little bit of love story in the mix too 🙂 It’s your story, and many of you are in it!

Within Reach Movie documents a pedal-powered search for a place to call home in a sustainable community. Mandy and Ryan traded in their house and cars for a tent and bicycles to “bike-pack” 6,500 around the USA to visit 100 sustainable communities, looking around as they looked within. This journey and film has answers the questions many of us are wondering: “Is it possible for all of us to live in a sustainable way?”, “what would the world look like if each of us simply did what we loved?” After circling the country, and talking with over 20,000 people they have found that not only is it possible but this is already underway.

Beyond all this, the film is an educational and inspirational documentary about the joys and challenges of working together in our local communities to create a more regenerative way to live. This film will spread the positive message that the world is already rapidly changing for the better, and that we all can help make a difference starting right where we’re at. This story also also serves as real life evidence that you can manifest what you need, sometimes seemingly miraculously, through maintaining a positive attitude.

You can help by donating a dollar or more if you like. Go to the Kickstarter Donation page.

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Drue - December 21, 2010 Reply

Renewable energy? You bet. Sustainable technology? Absolutely. Pare down and simplify life? No question about it.

Risky adventure? Sure, if I was younger like they are and didn’t have a family to preserve and protect.

But….the video was a lot like bad flash backs of the sixties. I’m glad I lived through them, but gained a bit of wisdom from the dumb things I did.

I can be very wrong, but putting that context on what I saw (communes, collectives, etc.), I cringe a bit.

I like being sociable and sharing (and we keep increasing our charity every year as best we can). But at the end of the day that doesn’t make me socialist, nor do I think that to be healthy.

They seem likeable, and I wish them well in their journey.

Roger - December 21, 2010 Reply

Granted, I’m making some assumptions here. But I find this
a little disturbing. I don’t know why this great site is hosting
this kind of material. There are far too many worthy causes more
needy than these two able bodied young folks. The only difference
between this video and the guy at the intersection with a cardboard
sign is they’re using the internet to beg for dollars. And for
what? So they can produce a film about a commune/cult/lifestyle?
Sad. I think they should go back to working jobs and save up enough
to make their movie instead of cyber begging. But, the truth is,
they’ll probably get the free ride they’re seeking while a mother
and kids freeze to death under some bridge this winter. But…we’ll
learn how to chant and be one with the hemp mat.

    Drue - December 21, 2010 Reply

    I like that Kent puts in variety on this website (and controversy), but I also like it that we are free to respectfully comment on what we see; pro or con.

    I think the art of point/counter-point is dying, along with classical thinking. We see it everyday in so many ways (particularly with politics), where it isn’t about truth anymore, but how perception can be spun and manipulated.

    Commentary often devolves into accusations, misperceptions, and then irreconcilable misunderstanding.

    So from my perspective, I’m not disturbed that Kent put the story on the site. But having seen it, I definitely want folks to know it makes me cringe a bit…based on my past experiences.

    And I appreciate that opportunity.

    I’ll leave it to readers to decide if putting the story on the website constitutes endorsement. If so, we should note that there have also been some good charity stories about shelters and schools for populations suffering in the third world. Worthy charities in my opinion.

Bill - December 22, 2010 Reply

I support what these folks are doing. I think there may be
other ways to organize our lives so that people don’t have to
freeze or go hungry. It’s about living in smaller, perhaps
portable, dwellings, like these folks do. Although I haven’t seen
the movie, it sounds to me like they’re investigating ways to live
more communally and compassionately. Just cut these folks a break.
Just because they haven’t sold their souls to the money economy
doesn’t mean they’re morally suspect.

Epperson - December 22, 2010 Reply

I’m interested in sustainable living but there are plenty of resources and material to “research” from free open sources and public libraries.

Are they really interested in exploring the possibilities of earth-friendly living or are they just interested in having strangers finance their vacation?

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