Vintage Camper Birdhouse

It must be summer time and I’m feeling the urge to get out and camp. Even the birds now have a place to go on vacation.

This birdhouse is inspired by the Shasta campers of the 1950’s. The color scheme is creme over turquoise with a black accented silver stripe. The aluminum door is both a design accent and a deterrent to squirrels, while the curved awning is just pure style. Features a slide out bottom for easy cleaning, durable and stable marine grade plywood construction, brass fasteners and one and one half inch entry hole. 11″L X 7″H X 6″W Check it out at the Etsy store.

vintage camper birdhouse

9 Comments Vintage Camper Birdhouse

  1. Hazel

    So adorable! Make sure it has a couple of ventilation holes too though…it gets very hot in birdhouses, especially if it’s metal!


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