Everywhere Co. and Timbercraft Team Up to Build Tiny Homes

After traveling 20,000 miles in a converted fifth wheel, Brand Winnie, his wife and their three children learned that minimal living on the road was the best life to live. Now Winnie, along with home builder Doug Schroeder of Timbercraft, is building several new models of tiny homes starting at $55,000.

Everywhere Travel Co. and Timbercraft will be building models starting at 230 square feet.

Everywhere Travel Co. is also partnering with several home goods partners to include products for each completed house. They include Burrow couches and ottomans, Schlage door hardware, and Tuft & Needle mattresses.


The Everywhere models homes start at 230 square feet and go up to 476 square feet and can be designed interactively online like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Each model comes in a variety of exterior styles (named after locations like Joshua Tree and and Teton) and the interiors include single and double lofts, large living spaces, minimal lighting, all appliances, and nice details like pet food drawers and doors.

The largest model, the Haven, has plenty of headroom, the 340 square foot Retreat has double lofts, and the smallest model, the Nomad, is only $55,000.


Currently several of the homes are available as Airbnb rentals and Everywhere has a plan to build out a network of tiny house properties across the Western U.S. These properties will be located near national and state parks and will have access to utilities and internet connectivity.


Photos by Everywhere Travel Co.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]



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