Tiny Yellow Teardrop

Tiny Yellow Teardrop


I recently started a new blog just for teardrop trailers. After traveling around and camping in my tiny yellow teardrop for about five years, I’ve received a wide range of accolades, comments and questions. I thought a blog would be the best place to address these questions and put up posts for anyone who has considered purchasing or building a teardrop trailer.

The blog will focus mainly on my own teardrop trailer and the experiences of camping in a teardrop, but I will also be featuring various teardrop builders and owners, including my friend Guy, who lives in his trailer full time. I will also be posting camping tips, tricks and recipes, campgrounds, teardrop manufacturers and, of course, lots of photos.

I would love to hear any questions you may have about teardrop trailers and I’ll do my best to address them. Also, please let me know of any teardrop owners or builders who would like to be featured. Here is the link to the blog http://tinyyellowteardrop.blogspot.com/

Photo by Christina Nellemann

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]


  1. Hi Christina,

    We are having Moby Trailers build us a trailer soon as we are next in the queue. It is an off road trailer for our 4×4 desert and mountain trips. Our trailer will need to withstand a bit of a beating on washboards and creeks passages hence the off road part. We are also designers and want to make the kitchen sing and be uber functional. So, I am looking for tips or thoughts you have on a tight space teardrop kitchen. We will have a folding table that will be used as an island in order to keep cooking smells away from our sleeping area. We will also have either two boat type refrigerator drawers or an Engel fridge. We are vegan so meat and dairy are not an issue just keeping veg fresh. The fun part is I picked up super fun melamine plates etc.that Target had from a pop up shop last September. Great timing for me on your site idea. Thanks! I look forward to seeing all your destination. -Stacy

    • Thanks Stacy. Those Moby trailers look really sweet! My trailer has been down some nasty, rugged dirt roads, but there have been times when we’ve had to unhook it and leave it behind when the road gets too bad. Yours will be fun! As for your galley, don’t make things too difficult to get to. Really scrutinize what you will want to have with you and then design the cabinets and storage area around your items. The table is a great idea and will be really helpful when you just want to stop in a parking lot for a quick lunch. Just be sure to expect a lot of admirers.
      Also, you may want the table to be removable or bring an extra table to be able to cook away from the teardrop. Sometimes you will want to cook closer to a campfire or near a creek. It also helps if the stove is removable too. This makes it easier to clean and you can cook away from the trailer. In addition, make sure your hatch really covers your cooking area and that you can fit underneath it without bending.

  2. Love it! Someday, Christine, if you ever venture out this way, we should get your tiny yellow tear drop on “tiny yellow house”. I always loved these little campers, and I’m sure you’ve had some great experiences and trips with it. -Deek

    • LOL! No problem. My name is the longest in the world. I’ve been dreaming about taking my Sunflower out to Boston to visit the “tiny yellow house”. Hopefully soon. 🙂

  3. I’m seriously considering a pre-tiny house, teardrop build. The timing of this post is dead on for me! I’ve been researching teardrop plans for a couple weeks. I realize residential and teardrop construction methods are considerably different. But, I have my heart set on a DIY tiny. Hopefully a small build like this will boost my confidence.

    • Good for you! I’ve met a lot of people who have built their own teardrops as a practice project. There seem to be a few high school kids who are taking on a teardrop project in their shop classess too. For a ton of information on building your own, visit the TNTTT Forum.

  4. Awesome!
    I’ve had my teardrop for almost seven years now. Its been great and I’m still glad I bought it rather than made it. I got to watch and have input throughout the build process from the father and two son team at SoCal teardrops.
    I’ll shoot you some pics some time.

    @Christina, definitely make sure you and guests have room to stand under your back hatch, also adding snaps and detachable canvas helps utilize outdoor space. Cooking smells have never been a problem and my stove is attached to the trailer. I doubled my battery capacity and have those stowed under the stove. For rough roads or traveling without having to reset everything after shifts locking doors, cables, nets, and wedging things in might be one of the biggest things to think of to avoid frustration. Tupperware stuff is great too. Also I’ve gotten by fine without a sink (buckets work fine) and I typically have no hook-ups where I camp.
    I could continue gushing but don’t want to bore people.
    Have fun in your trailer 😉

  5. I really love those little teardrop trailers. I looked over your blog site and really enjoyed it. What is it about seeing a quilt in the bed of a teardrop? Just screams COZY!! Thanks for posting!

  6. I’m in the design process for a teardrop. Planning to commence build in spring, as I have access to an unused garage, but no heat. Looking at all the info I can, so welcome this new blog!

    • Tim…you would be hard pressed to find teardrops with showers as one of the determining factors as to whether a trailer is a teardrop or not, it that you cannot stand up in it. Now some campers have outside shower capabilities and I have seen some pretty amazing small trailers that allow for standing in the interior thanks to beds sliding and tops lifting. But the true teardrop does not allow for standing in the interior.

  7. Hi,
    I am new to this site and also computer illiterate with a very old computer and operating system. I can do email though.
    Is there an email contact where I may reach guy?
    Thank you!

  8. Christina – Thanks so much for sharing! We, too, have a Teardrop (woody) that my husband built a year ago. Just finishing a 1952 Chevy pickup to go with it. Love, love, love all the great people we’ve met with the Teardrop. As you know, everyone has to get a look at it! Lots of funny comments, too. I have a small blog – primarily to document our local (so far) trips. We’re in Florida – Kentucky & Mississippi have been the farthest so far as I still work. Already planning a cross-country trip tho! Again, thanks for sharing. (dlvent-teardropper.blogspot.com)


      • Thanks! As far as the rain goes, our very first long weekend out it rained all weekend! No problems at all. It has marine polyurethane – several coats that are holding up very well. (We do store it inside, however.) After other comments from your fans, I realize I need to post some interior shots … we have a quilt, too, and it is very cozy. We also have a Yorkie who goes everywhere with us. Plenty of room (queen size mattress) for all 3 of us! Thanks again! Keep posting! Lynn

  9. Christina,

    We were really inspired to get a tear drop after reading your blog and recently purchased a Nest Egg trailer. So, thank you for all your contributions at your site.

    I noticed that you used a 12 volt heater on cold days and nights and was wondering which one you purchased. I looked on Amazon, but, they mostly gave higher ratings to the 12 volt electric blankets.

    Would love to hear from you.