Living small: When Home is a 150-square-foot RV

Living small: When Home is a 150-square-foot RV


They only get about 7-10 mpg, but RVs can be environmentally friendly… when parked. “What I use in electricity and water in one month is about the same as the average American household uses in one day.”

In this video, faircompanies’ blogger Bakari Kafele (biodiesel hauling from our site and from his Bio-Diesel Hauling business) invited us into his 150-square-foot home, an RV in Oakland (California), where the appliances are designed to save energy and water: in a month, he uses about 500 gallons of water and 40kwh of electricity.

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  1. hey, I don’t mean to disagree, but I think you need to measure that trailer…it looks a lot bigger than mine, and I have 160 sq. ft. without a slide-out. I have to agree, the cost of living is really cheap..and if you keep everything in it’s place..easy to maintain.

  2. I saw that, too, Cat: it would have to be an 8 X 17 trailer to just land in under 150 sq.ft. and this one can’t be a 17-or-18 footer…
    Was it ‘supposed’ to read 250 sq. ft? Sounds more realistic, because that’s would be an 8 X 31-32 foot 5th wheel/trailer, and close to what this place looks like… just sayin’… 😉

    STILL a very liveable little place, and the kitchen is NICE and roomy, which always wins big points with me, even in a ‘tiny home’!

  3. Cat and Shea, thanks for pointing that out. Actually when I did the interview with Bakari and asked him what his square footage was he wasn’t quite sure, but estimated 150 square feet so it sounds like you both have a better idea. He did add that it was much bigger than the camper trailer he had been living in so for him it felt very large.

  4. I was wondering if anyone had ever tried building a tiny home and using RV appliances instead of standard appliances? They could be salvaged or new I suppose… but the point he made about them being made to run on battery power just kind of started me thinking about using them in a regular house as well, especially if one were trying to build off the grid and only had limited solar/wind/etc power available.

  5. I live in a 1985 Toyota Class C RV and the living space is about 100sf — just enough for one person who likes her own company. I don’t have a tow car so this is my vehicle, too. Average 13mpg, which isn’t too shabby for a 6000lb house. I replaced all my lights with fluorescents; LED lights don’t focus the light well enough for me. I think I’ll get some of that window film.

  6. I was wondering, is everyone that builds a tiny house building it from an RV chassis?
    We have a 31′ RV that I have gutted and want to build a tiny house on the trailer. I also want to keep the slideout I have…

  7. Bakari —

    I have wondered what it would be like to live in an RV . . . and you have wonderfully answered my question. It can be well done!

    And if you really want or need to move, you can.

    Thank you for sharing.