Recycled homes, one box at a time

Magoline Hazelton is used to people driving by her home just to take a look. She’s also known as the “house lady” by her fellow residents in North Charleston, South Carolina.

From the outside, Hazelton’s home doesn’t seem much different from the rest of the neighborhood. But there’s one big difference. Her house is made from cargo shipping containers.

Using containers to build homes has increasingly become a trend in the past several years because it can be cheaper and faster than using traditional construction methods. There are also plenty of containers at most major ports. Read full article »



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mtnbuilder - January 16, 2012 Reply

I like the idea of shipping container homes but, this one looks just like a stick built. at the coast of a couple shipping containers you could buy enough lumber to stick build 2 homes this size. so I don’t see the point of this design. I am also amazed that the city would allow this in a suburban area.

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