Rebuilding New Orleans

This is the First thing I’ve seen that makes sense.

For complete description of materials
and how to build it,
please refer to Genesis, chapter 5:14-16

Ben shared this with me and I thought everyone would enjoy it as well.

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  1. Knifemouth

    As one whose heart will always remain in N’Awlins, all I can say is that at first I winced at what I perceived to be a light hearted take (I’ll never be ready for that) but then thought a minute later that perhaps as the world consistently presents itself, a damn good soak, scrub, rinse and cleanse may well be in order and may well be what we have coming our way.

    And I say that in no way lighthearted as I consider the plight of (but one example) the people of Bangladesh, and that there are entire cultures fracturing and being spread far and wide as islands sink below water / the salt comes up and kills all their growing foods … and the people flee to the neighboring islands which are set just a bit higher & all involved seem to be working toward an integration of those who have just lost the land of their families, so many generations – and where they can go to on these neighboring islands is a difficult struggle indeed.


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