Kalakala’s Walk of Hope Tour Seeks Tiny House

Kalakala’s Walk of Hope Tour Seeks Tiny House


The Kalakala’s Walk of HOPE tour is seeking a tiny home concept to be towed behind our bus as shown at the bottom of www.kalakala.org main home page and below.

Please contact Steve Rodrigues email:olympicforum2000@usa.net or cell 206-234-2045.

Seeking new or used for a lease, sale, or lease-sale option.

Price and terms negotiable.  The Kalakala’s Walk of HOPE departs from Seattle 2/27/10 and tours USA to east coast and back by 6/27/10.

If you can help Steve out please contact him as soon as possible. Thank you!


  1. Interesting site telling the odd tale of a beautiful old ferry. It’s amazing that the vessel is still afloat. I question the restorability of the ship without significant grant dollars but applaud the effort.

    I’ve seen plenty of these pier-side attractions and usually the volunteer effort to restore these vessels yields a very poor quality finished product. All the loving care in the world doesn’t make up for a lack of understanding of marine environment, use of sub-par materials for budget purposes, and a maintenance fund that doesn’t support ongoing upkeep.

    The only thing sadder than watching a great ship sink is watching it rot away. I hope they can do this the right way.