Jay’s Fencl in Salt Lake City #2

Jay’s Fencl in Salt Lake City #2


Cheesecake, Beer, and a Tiny Rolling Home

Lellewynn sent a few pictures and a little more info about the Salt Lake City open house I thought you might enjoy reading. I still need pictures and a story of the Boulder Colorado stop so please if you were there give us an update. Here is the rest of the story… 

So my husband and I went to see the Fencl on Wednesday. I was so excited! We got into Salt Lake at about 1pm and just kind of puttered around the city, looking at stuff, we took some great pictures. Then we wanted beer so we drove all over Murray looking for a place that served beer. We finally found the Cheesecake Factory. Oh my goodness it was wonderful! Everyone needs to experience cheesecake and beer at least once in their lives!


Then we waited. And waited and waited and looked around for other people who were waiting too. Finally we found one person, a photographer named Mark. After that we were attracting tiny house enthusiasts like flies to a really smelly garbage can. I felt like such a nerd because I guess I knew the answers to the questions everybody was asking. I must have had a sign on me that said “tiny house nerd” because I was the go to girl for all the stats about the Fencl and everything else in the tiny house world… To those who were there, I’m glad I could help! Thats ok though because if I was the go to, Mark was the “get stuff done” guy. He wasn’t afraid to call Jay’s office and find out where Jay was (he was supposed to be there at 6).

Anyway, Jay finally arrived at 8:30pm and the poor guy just looked exhausted. I guess he had some truck trouble and had to rent a Uhaul to finish the trip to SLC. He looked like he needed coffee something fierce! As soon as he got out of his truck, the masses converged upon him. He opened the door to the Fencl and about a million miniature humans (kids) stampeded into the house. I like to imagine it was because it looked just like a playhouse and they couldn’t help themselves. I know I could hardly wait to walk inside!

I hung back and waited for most of the people to take their tour so I could get some fairly decent pictures. It was so cool to walk into a space that small and have it feel so big! When I was inside, there were about five other people in there. and we all had room to maneuver.

Then the moment of truth… I introduced myself to Jay and my face, as I thought it would, turned bright red. It happens anytime I meet anybody for the first time. Poor Jay probably thought I was a deranged fan or something! But he was super polite and answered all mine and my husband’s questions.

Somebody suggested that we all get a picture together. Jay was such a good sport! He smiled big and we got our picture.

All in all it was a pretty fun trip, except the driving home part. We didn’t get back until 2am! As we were driving home I asked my husband “Could you live in that house” and he said “Yeah, it’s bigger than I thought!” which is such a step for him because he was so skeptical. Now he’s on board for Project Rolling Freedom for sure!

Jay pulling in...
Jay pulling in...
Jay getting setup
Jay getting setup

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