Interview with Derek Markham of Natural Papa

Interview with Derek Markham of Natural Papa

tammy's tiny house
Tiny houses and natural living are some of the regular topics Derek Markham writes about. Photo by Tammy Strobel.

Derek Markham of writes about life as many people have not experienced it. Living in tiny houses (of 100-400 square feet), natural remedies, and homeschooling are just a few of the topics he covers.

This makes Derek a wonderful writer to follow if you are looking to find ways to simplify and find more meaning in your everyday life. His writings are also full of tips to be more environmentally conscious, practice good stewardship, and connect with your kids.

Goedeker’s Home Life had the chance to ask Derek about his radically different life and perspective, and he was very generous with his time in answering our questions.

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  1. It looks like more height has been added on to this tiny house. How tall is it? And I don’t wish to be intrusive, but I’d love to see the floor plan on both levels (interior pics).