Hob-Nobbin from Hobbitat Spaces

side view of cabin

A day in the life of our friend Colin. From a hob to the great outdoors of Garrett County and back. Not too shabby. This 425 square foot cabin is eco friendly, featuring recycled heart pine from the Carnegie Railroad shed. See different models and looks at our website hobbitatspaces.com. Or go see 13 different Hobs in person at Blue Moon Rising in McHenry, Maryland. A special thanks to everyone at Blue Moon Rising, Moon Shadow Cafe, and Colin Ware Hob-Nobbin from Hobbitat Spaces on Vimeo. interior of cabin

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Sue - June 17, 2014 Reply

NICE! Great music, too…..sounded like Elliott Smith.

Otessa Regina Compton - June 17, 2014 Reply


Sue - June 17, 2014 Reply

Thanks for sharing our video!
We are almost finished with the last hobs at Blue Moon Rising. Lots of photos to come in the next few weeks.

Carol Stahl - June 17, 2014 Reply

Gee, it looks like the guy is getting enough to eat and having fun — BUT, what’s the extra ladder lead to INSIDE the house? What’re the bathroom facilities? Is there a refrigerator? Insulation? Heat? Water have to be hauled? Permanent septic or?

    Kattie - June 17, 2014 Reply

    Most of your questions are answered on the Cabin Rentals page of their website. These are mini cabins with running water, bathrooms, heat, air, and kitchenette. The ladder leads up to a sleeping loft.

Mark - June 17, 2014 Reply

cool little house! However I cringe when you tear ass down the stream and rip up and down the trail. Please remember to leave no trace in the woods!

Deb - June 17, 2014 Reply

One word: Jealous

Cedar - June 17, 2014 Reply

Really enjoyed looking at the photos on the website. I can really see what I might come up with for my best home. Thank you!

elisabeth in CT - June 17, 2014 Reply

Amazing setting for a lovely home! I think the Hobbitat approach to housing is wonderful and this is little lifestyle showcase video…except for one BIG thing…I did not see any work being done. Work (in the right amounts) is good – creative – healthy – what does this guy do to get the $ to buy the beer and fishing line? If you showed that, it would really put the tiny life into perspective!

Kristie - June 17, 2014 Reply

But…but…it doesn’t have a round door? How can it be a Hobbit house if it doesn’t have a round door?

    Sue - June 18, 2014 Reply

    Please note that we are not trying do anything like “Hobbit” houses.
    We are not affiliated with, nor should anyone confuse us with the looks of all things Tolkien.
    Our name is a play on habitat, hobbit being a synonym for small.

    Jaie - June 20, 2014 Reply


Jeffry - June 18, 2014 Reply

Do guys like this that live in uber-cute little houses have jobs, or do they just bike, go to coffee shops and drink beer all day?

Brian - June 18, 2014 Reply

We love Hobbitat. They built the most creative tiny cabins we could ever want for our eco-friendly vacation village, Blue Moon Rising. Come try them out. We have 13 on site. We would love to see pictures of everyone elses tiny houses and micro cabins. Send me some links 🙂

dewhit - June 18, 2014 Reply

It appears to be more of a lifestyle advertisement than smaller housing.

AWelter - June 18, 2014 Reply


Jay Sullivan - June 27, 2014 Reply

Building my own tiny home! I’ll take all the help I can get-


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