Graham’s 350-square-foot Bachelor Pad

Todays video is about Graham Hill who has started and sold successful businesses (including, graced the cover of Inc Magazine and the centerfold of Vanity Fair so when he talks about living a simple life it might be tough to believe.

How’s a 350-square-foot bachelor pad with not much more than a bed and a desk for simple? And this is spacious compared to where he spent most of the year: onboard the 60-foot Plastiki (a boat made from recycled plastic bottles).

In this video, Suchin Pak visits her friend Graham in his new digs in New York City’s SoHo to talk about his idea of LifeEdited: how editing our lives (homes, cars, toys, even friends) is to the 21st century what supersizing was to the 20th.


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PabloKoh - November 10, 2010 Reply

All white bikes are memorials for dead bicyclists; But I loved the folder in the shower.

    Josh - November 10, 2010 Reply

    I looked at your link. It states “A bicycle is painted all white and locked to a street sign near the crash site…”

    Are you insinuating that Mr. Hill stole one of these bicycles from a street sign and put it in his apartment? That’s quite an accusation, sir!

    Anne - November 10, 2010 Reply

    Not ‘all’ white bikes, only ‘all’ on that site.
    No one, or group, can define what colors are or are not ‘allowed’.

      alice - November 11, 2010 Reply

      Perhaps ‘all white’ is meant to mean ‘completely white’, not ‘every white’. Which still leaves the possibilities that someone would have a completely white bike for other purposes, or that particular bike may actually be intended for use as a ghost bike at some point.

        Anne - November 11, 2010 Reply

        Im sure that particular ‘all’ did, but his second sentence indicated a judgement on it also. The bike is not actually all white, but it would make no difference if it was… a ‘cr

          Anne - November 11, 2010 Reply

          (oops) a ‘created’ tribute does not eliminate all other uses of an item.

Graham Hill - November 10, 2010 Reply

hey gang!
please note that the design contest for the small apartment is now live. $70k in prizes! deadline is jan 10. check here for general info and here for the current submissions:
thanks for posting!
ps also..see video on

    Anne - November 10, 2010 Reply

    The place has nice bones. The window changed to french doors on the fire escape will look great. Good luck on the changes.

No way - November 11, 2010 Reply

There’s no way this is 350 sq ft. That’s like twice as big as my studio, and I have 350 sq ft.

Al Mollitor - November 12, 2010 Reply

I don’t want to assume too much based on one short video, but…It looks like Hill has edited out eating. One major gripe I have with many tiny houses is that the kitchens and storage areas are so small that it seems it would be difficult to store natural foods in bulk and prepare healthy, inexpensive meals.

When the revolution comes growing and preparing our own healthy meals will be a cornerstone.

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