Collapsable Living Quarters

by Kent Griswold on December 1st, 2010. 7 Comments
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Derek (Deek) Diedricksen from relaxshax and the Tiny Yellow House videos has sent me a couple of new videos and I want to share them with you. Here is what Deek says:

This is a lil’ offbeat- but heck, I’ll send it your way anyway, as its designed for small space living- and when unfolded, only takes up 8 square feet as well….later providing deck/work space, and shelving space when the kids (or adults) outgrow it…the idea is a small scale rendering, or sorts, of an adult-sized structure, outdoors, that I’d like to build off the side of a house, or freestanding wall in the woods, someday- just to try it out. Collapsable living quarters.

As promised/for laughs- whether or not you have use for it….and sorry to inundate you with videos, as I know I just sent you that fold-down, tiny space-using fort video (which is almost going semi-viral already- bizarre). Lump ‘em together if you have to/want to.

7 Responses to “Collapsable Living Quarters”

  1. You know it’s scary when someone as offbeat as Deek says something else is offbeat!

    Love ya man.

    That joke at 3 minutes into the sawdust video is far to much.

  2. Anne says:

    lol. ewwwww… Deek = Demon Boy

    Gee… I wonder why it went viral on YT…

  3. Deek says:

    Thanks Grant n’ Anne- and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!

    The fold-down fort is the one goin’ semi-viral though…not the “toilet” vid….

    36,000+ views in 7 days now…crazy…


    Kent, thanks as always

  4. For our Sawduster…I picked up a recycled High flow toilet tank…to store the sawdust in. At a quick glance it even looks a bit like a regular John

  5. Deek says:

    Very cool- like the idea….

  6. Nora Mae Smith says:

    LMAO with this toilet one can rearrange the bathroom how every they feel! LMAO Simple and great now I cut water usage down as well yahooooo!Yabado! Grrrtttttle!

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