Ropes, Ladders, Dumbbells, and a Baby with Mike De Vivo

People who live tiny often have more than one motivation for doing so, and our guest this week is no exception. Mike fromVIVO Training Systems is no exception. His tiny house doubles as his own personal training gym, as well as a unique place for him to train and engage with his fitness clients. And, this guy really knows his stuff. After losing over 100 lbs, after surviving the harrowing and stressful process of having his house built on TV, he and his wife have launched their new tiny life focusing on helping others to get fit and intentionally live their lives. And now, in addition to dumbbells, they have a baby to lift. And while he admits that their tiny house is likely a transitional one, he shares his permanent appreciation for the freedom their tiny house affords them all. We love the idea of combining a passion for health and a tiny house but we’re not yet sold on the climbing rope to their loft. But hey, maybe you’re a gym teacher or training for the circus and you’d love it!?

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