Riding Along on A Reclaimed Adventure That Leads to Love and Buns with Jess and Dan Sullivan

Many tiny house enthusiasts start out with the the notion that they’ll build a tiny house using reclaimed materials to save money. This certainly MAKES sense. The reality of that plan, however, is often difficult to implement as Jess and Dan Sullivan will explain on this week’s episode. But, despite the challenges, they proudly report to having used 40% reclaimed materials on their utility-free tiny house. But now, they’re moving on. What? Say it isn’t so! Listen in this week while this fun couple talks about what’s it like to live with someone, full time, in a house with no plumbing. And this fun conversation doesn’t stop there. What early life experiences led to their “Ah Ha” moment that then lead to their tiny house? How does this power couple balance the power in their relationship? And, why oh why did they sell their tiny house!? (Noooo!!!????)…..and speaking of “Noooooo!!!???”…..We certainly hope that our listeners appreciate the crass and irreverent nature of our show. With that said, however, you might NOT want to turn up the volume at work for the opening banter on this episode. Consider yourself warned. Or intrigued. You pick.

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