Jamaica or BUST! with Domenic Mangano

When we think of Jamaica we certainly don’t think of a small town in Vermont but that’s where we’ll be podcast partying this week. (insert steel drum sound bite here) This week we’re chatting with the Jamaica Cottage Shop’s Founder, Domenic Mangano, and delving into the transforming world of backyard sheds, cottages, chicken coops, playhouses, DIY tiny house kits, and his uber creative vision for his own tiny corner of the tiny house world. His operation, however, is anything but tiny!  We’re always somewhat surprised (but by now we really shouldn’t be) by the common thread that connects all tiny house enthusiasts. And this week Domemic is weaving a colorful story that incorporates a love of nature and everything outdoors, a desire for a healthier planet, a very creative outlook on cottage design and life, a die-hard work ethic, and optimism for the growth of the tiny house movement at large. Seriously.This guy knows his shit and it shows in everything he does!  Vermont may be cold, but after this conversation, we’re all warmed up now! Smiles and laughter has a way of doing that to us.


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