Is This the End of the Tiny World As We Know it with Sharon Ross

In addition to our love of tiny houses, we love guests who make us question our reality and push our own understanding of our future. And this week, Sharon the self-described AfroVivalist fits that bill, and then some! Imagine a world where all electronic devices have been disabled by a disaster. ALL OF THEM. What would you do? Where would you go? How would you survive? Admittedly, this might not be a fun or entertaining thing to think about but living intentionally isn’t always just about focusing on what brings you happiness. Intentional living can also bring you peace of mind and security that takes the form of a disaster plan. Yes, we know you cannot fit 6 months of food in your tiny house. Or can you? If you’re inspired by badass women who push the boundaries of what “prepared” means, you’ll LOVE this week’s episode!

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Coleen Hilton - April 3, 2017 Reply

I already receive the newsletter. I enjoy being part of the tiny house community. I was wondering how I could submit an article. I have a 1952 Pontiac Chief trailer. I purchased it for $100. and I live in it. It seems to be the original tiny house because it is a tiny house, made out of redwood shingles instead of metal, insulated, with a tiny attic and a house roof, not a trailer roof. I had to patch the inside with another kind of wood, so I painted the inside with bright pastel colors. The kitchen is pink and looks 1950. The living room is blue and green. The bedroom is beige. The outside needed painting and I am still doing that. I determined from prepping the house and putting primer on that the original color on the outside was probably beige with dark green trim. I am painting it light peach with dark brown trim to be reminiscent of a tudor house. I will put a little design on the awnings over the windows to increase the tudor style. When I get finished I would like to take pictures and submit an article on this unique tiny house/trailer.

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