Changing the Neighborhood, One Tiny at A Time w/ Sophie Szymeczek

The tiny house movement is full of focused and engaged advocates and this week we’re interviewing a real North Carolina Pioneer. Sophie pushed the city and questioned the rules and is now proud to report that she is in the process of building a fully-permitted but less-than-300-squarefoot tiny house that is NOT on wheels; on an surplus city lot that she bought for only $5,000. These are the kinds of “if they can do it so can we” stories we love to hear. She knew that a tiny house on wheels would not suffice and now her house is the first of its kind in HER town. As you listen in this week we know that you’ll be as inspired and impressed as her no-doubt-soon-to-be-tiny-house neighbors will be. She’s opened the tiny door and made it possible. Now, all they have to do is follow her lead.

Visit her website here:

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