Building a Wall with Andrew Odom of Tiny R(e)volution

If you have ever wondered if Andrew has a serious side, if he thinks more deeply than he laughs, if he tires of talking about tiny houses after 8 years of living intentionally, if he accepts anyone’s opinion but his own, or if his future includes a soap box; you’ll want to tune in this week to hear the somewhat somber side of this funny guy. After overhearing him sadly comment on the homeless crisis in America, and after reading his chapter in Turning Tiny, we wanted to hear more. We wanted to hear his take on this complex issue. What really IS the problem that is causing the homeless epidemic in America? Are tiny houses the answer? How can we advocate for tiny houses as a tool to help the homeless while not devaluing them at the same time? If you think that we should be building tiny houses instead of walls to solve our societal problems, tune in this week. And, if you don’t learn anything at all, we know you will come away with a newfound appreciation for Andrew and his contribution to the tiny house movement that really isn’t going anywhere….(pun intended)

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