Tiny House In a Landscape

Tiny House In a Landscape

old log cabin

Dan shared this weeks Tiny House in a Landscape photo and says: My two brothers and our dad made to a road trip through New Mexico and Colorado last month and ran across this tiny house in South Park, Colorado its was located in a restored recreated old town for visitors to relive the early days of the gold and silver rush.

It may not look so comfortable but considering the climate in Colorado it looks pretty good to me.

interior of log cabin


  1. I find that insulation between the timbers very ugly but I guess it’s needed when you do a poor job when timbering… It’s probably not very contemporary either.

    • It isn’t meant to be contemporary…it was built a very long time ago when “pretty” was replaced by “functional”. If I have never done any “timbering” I don’t judge others ability or work.

  2. I know that cabin well – it’s at South Park City Museum, located in Fairplay, CO. There are lots of small, old houses in the museum and the surrounding town – a very neat place to visit!

  3. This is kind of cute but I would be afraid of waking up with conjunctivitis. Great for a movie set if you replace the windows, however.

  4. I’m sure that when this shelter was built and under the conditions it was built, it must of looked like the Taj Mahal on a cold winter’s night. Most likely it wasn’t built by a professional cabin builder with modern tools, so the criticism seems a tad bit unjustified. It looks like a pretty standard log cabin to me, not unlike those first built in the eastern part of the country a hundred years earlier than this one. As far as pioneer cabins go, it looks pretty damn good and I would be round if I could build something half as nice today, even with modern tools.

  5. I like that it’s not contemporary. Why does it have to be modern to be wonderful? To each his own. Criticism is easy.