Tiny House in a Landscape

Tiny House in a Landscape


This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is a beautiful old stone house in the mountains. The picture is a wall paper that David found and set to me. You can get the high resolution file for a wallpaper here.

Unfortunately there is not any information about the photo so you will have to get creative as far as it’s origin. I am trying to decide if it is located in the southwest or over in Europe. If you know the history of this old stone house, please share it with us in the comment section.


  1. This old house looks like one I saw in the south of France when I went there to meet my first husband’s mother (30 years ago). I have a photo somewhere of me standing in front of it, I’ll try to dig it up.

  2. What an interesting landscape to wake up to! This looks like an HDR photo, which really opens up the contrast so you can have the dynamic clouds, detailed background, and still see the front of the cabin. It’s a really neat type of photography to play with, you just have to be careful not to over due it (which is very easy to do…) It’s still a great landscape, I’d love to get to go there someday…

    • Steve, in my opinion they did indeed overdo it. The clouds are about right but the color saturation of the yellow grass and wood door are distracting.

      • If you run this through tineye you come up with some even odder colour combos, some mentions that the photo was uploaded by somebody named Kevin Walker on Pixdaus, but no info on location that I could spot.

  3. I was just going to say, this looks a lot like the lusitanian houses in portugal – just that those had hay on the roofs and they’re all broken by now. But yes this is definetly in Portugal, and not a tiny house, it was probably inhabited by a very poor person for some time and is now emtpy. My great uncle lived in a realyl small house with two rooms – simply because he was poor and not because he chose the “tiny house” lifestyle.