Tiny House in a Landscape

Sandy sent me these pictures of this neat little log cabin in southwestern Wisconsin. She has taken photos of it at different times of the year.

One was taken in the fall, one in the winter and one in the summer. Sandy loves this scene and has passed it many times and would like to get a closer look someday. Thank you Sandy for sharing your part of the country with us.


Fall Colors


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Tara - January 22, 2011 Reply

That is gorgeous. As a former Wisconsinite, I’m glad to see someone showing how beautiful this state is.

Julie - January 22, 2011 Reply

This is really pretty! Is it occupied?

wyndwalkr - January 22, 2011 Reply

SW Wisconsin, YaHoo! I’ve probably driven by this since I’ve logged many miles around SW WI. Someone once made fun of me that I only liked roads that had no line painted down the center!

Thanks to Sandy!

Kevin microhomesteadblog - January 22, 2011 Reply

Little house on the prairie no controversy here today 😉

Paula - January 23, 2011 Reply

Sweet…..I would find me a road to that place and knock on the door!

Benjamin - January 23, 2011 Reply

Doesn’t look occupied. No tracks in the snow, no cars nearby, no smoke from the chimney.

Tiny House in a Landscape hatnohat - January 23, 2011 Reply

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